Pack up the car we're not going far but it feels like

A million miles away cause we can't wait til we're there

Thirty five mile and we're all full of smiles and excitement

The weekends finally here and we're headed to our favorite place


we're on our way, can't wait to get where we're going

We're on our way - gonna stay up all night long!

We're on our way - the fish are sure to be biting

There's magic in the air and we're almost there White Lake

Gramps' is waiting there where he's sleeping in his chair and he's dreaming

About the jokes that he will tell that never make us laugh

But when he wiggles his ears he'll have us all in tears and we know that

We are welcome in his home and his kindness never fails


There's an island to explore, the old general store's full of candy

Cards and games to play, I wish that we could stay all week

There's a rumor going round that wolves can still be found in the forest

And you be sure we're gonna find out if it;s true

(Chorus) - END


Freight train, freight train,   goin' so fast,
Freight train, freight train, goin' so fast
Please don't tell what train I'm on,
So they won't know where I'm gone.

 Freight train, freight train, goin' round the bend,
Freight   train, freight train, comin' back again
One of these days they’ll turn that train around,
And go back to my home town.

 One more place I'd like to be,
One more place I'd like to see
To watch them old Blue Ridge Mountains climb,
When I ride old Number Nine.

 When I die Lord, bury me deep,
Down at the end of Chestnut Street
Where I can hear old Number Nine,
As she comes down the line.

 Freight train, freight train, goin' so fast,
Freight train, freight train, goin' so fast
Please don't tell what train I'm on,
So they won't know where I'm gone.

  • White Lake Less Fishing Cast 16 443:23

Freight Train

Scott Bosek

  • 4:57


Took a walk through the neighborhood where I used to live and play

Things are very different than they were back in the day

My old grade school, the park and pool, the famous Derby Hill

So much to do with a friend or two, felt like the time stood still

There once was a time when my neighborhood was filled with endless joy

Riding bikes and hanging out with all the girls and boys

To find a place where we could all have fun wasn't hard to do

The neighborhood was filled with thrills down every avenue


Using our imagination, under skies both blue and grey

Whether riding bikes or playing games the fun would last all day


I want to live in a neighborhood that's free

Where my imagination gets the best of me

And I want to be with a friend whose always there

Who'll stick beside me and show that he really cares

Old Nick was a friend of ours, he made us laugh a lot

Ice cream treats from his truck were sure to hit the spot

He wore a sailors cap and rang his happy magic bells

To let us know when he was near and show us what he sells

Hanging out at Derby Hill, our favorite place of all

Sledding in the wintertime you're sure to take a fall

Summers were for bicycles racing down the track

Having so much we were sure that we'd be coming back


Memories of the places where I played when I was a boy

Fill me with excitement, happiness and joy

I hope some day you will feel the same bout where you lived and played

And if you do, then you will too, wish you would have stayed

Using your imagination, under skies both blue and grey
Whether riding bikes or playing games your fun will last all day


  • The Neighborhood6:04

  • A3/DlQ1YXcO/f8O6w7/Dv38IAsO/w7/DkA1YXcO/f8O/w7/Dv3/CksObw4LDhcOnHVcBw7/Dv8O/w79oC1hdw79/wpLDm8OCw4XDpx1XMANYXcO/fwE=4:17

White Lake

By Scott Bosek

Scott Bosek

White Lake

  • 3:21


He was the outcast of the neighborhood, nobody wanted him around

They said that he was crazy - never happy always down

War robbed him of his sanity, the nightmares often came

An injury on the battlefield, now he'd never be the same

He bought a house after the war, he didn't have much cash

It needed work but who would help, the neighbors never asked

And so it stood unlike the rest - "an eyesore, tear it down!"

People said we wish he'd move to another state or town

(Bridge 1)

 And so the man they all despised grew lonely and afraid

  Wishing he was somewhere else so every night he prayed


  We pass by one another but we never take the time

  To say hello, ya need some help, I can give you mine

  Someone's out their waiting for a friend to get them through

  That friend they need may very well be you

So to himself he always kept, living everyday the same

Hoping for a friend or two but that friend he never came

The pets he kept helped him replace the people and their ways

His music too made him forget the lonely empty days

Then one day three friends appeared, though little as they were

The made him smile and stayed a while, never once did it occur

That these friends he made would be the last ones he would know

Until that time they came each day never wanting to go home

(Bridge 2) 

He never forgot that day three boys came knocking at his door

 The man who had no friends wasn't lonely anymore - (Chorus)

It was late one night when the quiet air was shattered by a noise

Sirens blaring, people staring, stay back you girls and boys

A fire raging out of control, it was the shack I knew so well

The fireman said no further - no survivors he could tell

It was a sad night for my friends and I, Mikey didn't make it out

Now all we'd  have were memories but there never was a doubt

That in his last days here on earth some joy to him we brought

The outcast of that neighborhood found the peace he'd always sought -(Chorus)

The Pond

Scott Bosek (feat. Bill Russell)

Written By: Elizabeth Cotton

The Alligator Man 

Scott Bosek

  In The Woods

  • 4:48


I'm the one who said "lets go"

How was I to ever know

​The stories that we heard were true - about the woods

We thought that we would have some fun

We'd soon regret what we had done

It was too late to turn back now we were - in the woods


It was a sound that we had never heard

There were no thoughts there were no words

To describe that scream we heard among the trees

We ran like we had not before

We ran till we could run no more

To the safety of the farm and family


It was a sound we'd never heard

Something bad that we had disturbed

Warned us of a coming curse - from within the woods

Oh spirits of the ancient graves

We thought that we were oh so brave

But now our fear became so real - inside the woods

The graves demanded our respect

We crossed a line we won't forget

Loved ones and their families were - in the woods


Thankfully the ghosts weren't real

It took a while for us to heal

Now memories all that's left - of the woods



Out behind the barn there was a place I used to go​

A special place to me - nobody else would go

I'd hide away for hours watching nature and the sky

Pretending I was like that hawk as he flew on by - 

Over the pond

Skipping stones and counting things I'd never seen before

My mind would wander to the past and a place I would explore

Where natives of this land were free to live and never fear

Using cattails as their torches, dark caves became so clear -

By the pond

Bridge 1

I'd watch the day go by in a world where I was free

​To dream of things I'd never done but someday might be


A place to spend my day and let the time go by

Watching God's creation on the land and in the sky

Skipping stones and dreaming bout a fish that never came

All these things and more I would see - at the pond

Rumors of fish the likes no-one had ever seen

Filled me with excitement and the chance to fulfill a dream

I'd wait with rod and reel for as long as it would take

Knowing in my mind my reputation was at stake - in the pond

Bridge 2 

No one believed that I would be the one

To catch a fish that size they said it never could be done


I caught the beast and showed my cousins, uncle and my folks

The story that I told them wasn't a lie or a hoax

Seeing was believing and the camera told the tale

My picture in the paper I knew i wouldn't fail - at the pond

You can find a place to get away and be alone

It may not be a pond, maybe somewhere near your home

To leave your cares and dream of things you want to be and do

Promise yourself you wont give up and you will get there too

​At your pond