W​​ell this made my day. This was a comment to a post I made regarding how dangerously people drive on my street. 

"I hear it as well. Mr. Bosek I didn't know we lived that close to you. My son knows you through Graham elementary and loves your books. We read them nightly. Thank you for the great job. You get him excited to read."

Born October 8th, 1957 in Detroit Michigan, Mr. B has been working with children professionally as a teacher and through a variety of volunteer organizations for over twenty five years.

He is a husband, father, musician, storyteller and an amateur nature photographer.  Mr. B holds a bachelors degree in history and  also received his teaching certificate through Oakland University in Rochester Michigan.  He is currently working on his Masters in Education.  The Alligator Man is the first of  three books about his childhood that he has published.  Mr. B is currently employed as a district substitute teacher with the  L 'Anse Creuse School District in Macomb County Michigan.

Scott Edward Bosek (Mr. B)